2015 NW Outlaw Kart Racing ,OR ID,MT,CA,WA
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QRC and RFC ,SGC,SKE knows the importance of starting a racing career right and has always focused on creating the finest kart for beginner and novice divisions. Our "Shorty" or "Box Stock" kart has been engineered to maximize safety while emulating the design and feeling of our premier Open Karts. Again, there is a package designed to fit every need:• Complete ready-to-race kart, including a Subaru Spec engine.• A complete rolling chassis.•Or, as a build-it-yourself 

The QRC,RFC SGC,SKE Intermediate Kart
QRC ,RFCSGC,SKE. created the ultimate kart for the Intermediate Division. Younger drivers can hone their racing skills in a kart specifically engineered to accomodate the mid-range  125cc and 250cc's. There is a package designed to fit every need:• Complete ready-to-race kart, including a 250cc engine.• A complete rolling chassis.•Or, as a build-it-yourself kit

 QRC, Open Kart
QRC Karts Inc. has perfected the art of the Open Division / 500cc kart. QRC now offers their premier level karts with more options than ever including, a complete kart with CR 500 ready-to-race package, a complete rolling chassis or as a build-it-yourself kit. To mark our 25th Anniversary we have added to our selection of Open Kart options with a "Silver Anniversary Edition Kart"
 outlaw karts are the new edition to kart racing,there stable ,safe and gets ya the most bang for your buck!!the benifits are the kids learn driving skills at young age,and they start at 5yrs old and move up the rankes...5hp...,125,250 then its the open500 or sports man (old fart class)..this is were alot of ACTION happens,these guys AND girls are movin fast anywere from 50 mph to 80 depening on tracks,there the safest thing to hit 4 wheels since the stroller...lol,neckbraces, arm restraints,gloves helmet ect,we put down a full on drift in the corners pullin almost 1 g in the big karts(open 500),tires smokin,front end up in the air ..you would think its a handfull,but its the thrill of thesport that keeps people coming and buying one.ONCE YOUVE RIDIN ONE YOULL NEVER FORGET THE FEELIN!!!.most age of drivers in the open class are anywhere from 11 yrs old to 50 yrs old!!this is action for the wholefamily!!.we race on tracks,from medford to rainier, wash.and lots of tracks in between in the summer, and one big indoor track in the winter(salem,fairgrounds)chek out more info at,www nw outlaw karts.com

Cage Cup
home of the 2016 cage cup
salem speedway welcomes all micro sprint 600s (non restricted an restricted)non wing,one of the biggest indoor track on the west coast.indoor schedule for micros under schedules
o'hagens karts an supplys
scofield karts an parts
ron starr racing products